Merry Christmas to the NRA

I woke Christmas morning feeling the spirit of the season, opened the home page where I get my news, saw that there had been two shootings, one in Utah, one in California. The California shooting was especially troubling, a soldier injured in a suicide bombing in Afghanistan was shot at his homecoming party. That seemed a bit much. Christmas is, after all, about peace and love.

Curious, I typed “Man Shot” into Google. I found 23 people shot between Christmas Eve morning and Christmas morning. Of those, eight died. These figures are obviously not an accurate count. There are over 31,000 deaths each year from firearms. Another 70,000 people are injured. That’s a total of 274 shootings a day in the US, with 85 deaths.

Still curious about the relationship between guns and Christmas in the US, I typed in “Gun Sales Christmas 2011.” The first two stories I read had gun sales up between 25% and 35% this year. Which is, I guess, a great big Merry Christmas for the National Rifle Association. This will add considerably to the well over 270,000,000 guns already owned in the US prior to this Christmas season. That’s more than 90 guns for every 100 men, women and children in the US.

It’s kind of sad, though. I mean, if only those 23 people I personally read about would have opened their presents sooner, maybe they’d have received their very own fully automatic self defense firearm from some thoughtful relative or friend. And hopefully it would have had one of those very long, extra large, banana clips. If so, they would have been able to shoot first, kill the bad guys before the bad guys shot them. I, for one, would feel a lot more secure, peaceful and loving on Christ’s birth day, the most peaceful and loving day of the year, knowing that thousands more guns are in the hands of thousands more people in the United States, the single nation with already more guns than any other on the face of the globe. For a peaceful loving Christmas, we can’t have too many guns.

Merry Christmas. R.I.P. God rest ye merry gentlemen (and women).

1. Man Shot in McDonald’s, Kansas City.
2. Man shot in South Toledo.
3. Man Shot and killed in Asheville, outside bar.
4. Man shot during robbery by two men of Henrico WaWa gas station.
5. Man and Woman shot at home in West Charlotte.
6. Man shot and killed in Washington Park, Il
7. Man shot several times, died, Cherry Hill, Baltimore
8. Man shot to death, Beaver Falls, PA
9. Man shot by wife, Spring Hill.
10. Man Shot playing basketball, Springwood Park, Kent Washington
11. Three Men one woman shot Syracuse NY. Man dies.
12. Man shot in home invasion, Omaha.
13. Man shot at party, Crownsville, Md.
14. Man shot and killed, Garfield Park, Chicago.
15. Man shot and killed during gas station robbery, Chicago.
16. Man shot in North Austin standing by his car.
17. Man Shot at home in Severn, Baltimore.
18. Man Shot and killed in East Oakland.
19. Man Shot in Ogden, Utah.

Written by Waine Riches

P.S. The worst Christmas day shooting may well have been in Grapevine Texas. Six family members opened presents. A Seventh, dressed as Santa arrived. Gunfire errupted. There were two guns. In the end, all seven died.